The giving and receiving of leis is an integral part of Hawaii, the land of Aloha.  No one should arrive in the islands for the first time, or leave the islands, without receiving
 a Hawaiian lei...a tangible representation of that Aloha

The Beginning...

          Custom Leis Hawaii began in the Summer of 2010, and stemmed from 2009 when I passed by a street vendor in downtown Honolulu and saw a demonstration of how to make “straw” leis.  I learned to make these relatively simple straw leis first and, in the Summer of 2010, I returned to this vendor to learn different techniques for making leis.  I next learned to make crocheted leis and the picture in the upper left-hand corner of each web page is the first crocheted lei I learned to make.  It became the "logo" lei for Custom Leis Hawaii.

          After learning to make crocheted leis, I worked at it in all of my spare time.  I spent the entire Fall of 2010 practicing...practicing...practicing and dozens of leis were given away that Christmas.  By the end of 2010 I knew that I had found something I loved to do that would not only diversifying my existing home-based business (Signing Hawaii, Inc.), but would also encourage the wonderful Hawaiian tradition of giving leis, not only in Hawaii, but on the mainland United States, and possibly in foreign countries, as well. 

The Vision...

          Artificial leis are readily available in retail outlets throughout Hawaii, especially in the months leading up to the graduation season. The stores offer many different styles and colors of graduation leis, and multiples of the same color and design.  The vision for Custom Leis Hawaii revolved around the creation of CUSTOM leis that are not mass-produced and made-to-order in terms of colors, length, and design.  As a home based business, I knew it would likely involve just two of us, me and my husband, so creating a volume sufficient to supply a retail outlet would not be possible.  Instead, Custom Leis Hawaii would be a source of custom leis that were not available from the usual outlets...leis customized to the customer's specifications:  leis in custom custom lengths...and in custom designs.

The Reality...

          Many pictures of leis created in the past are available to view in the Photo Gallery.  Generally, all leis must be ordered by Special Order.  

​The Commitment...

          Custom Leis Hawaii is committed to using the highest quality products available here in Hawaii.  No matter what style of lei you choose, you can be assured that a lei from Custom Leis Hawaii has been hand made, in Hawaii, from the finest materials available, with care and Aloha!  We do not make that commitment lightly!
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